How Many Signs Are There To Tell If She Likes you

Does She Like You

To be honest, we can never know. There are a few signs you can look at or you can straight up tell her that you like her and wait for her to tell you if she likes you or not. First off, wait. All good things come to those who wait. If you don’t wait, then you might come off way too strong. If you come off way too strong, you may scare her off. You don’t want to scare her off now, do you? No, of course not. Never scare off a girl. Girls are very attracted to guys who have huge balls of steel. Now get in there and really take her by the force and she’ll be all yours baby.

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There are tons of signs in this game, and they’re all great signs. One of the best things you could do for your girl is to make sure if she likes you or not. There are so many signs that could point to it. First, is she blushing? blushing is the result of much blood going up to her face and through her arms, maybe even through her legs. You need to make sure that the blush is legit though. So, you could go to the hospital and get a blood drive done on her. Take a few liters of blood out of her and test it to make sure it’s type A blood. Type B beta blood is no good because you’re an alpha lion who eats nails for breakfast and chugs it down with window washer fluid. After all, we all want to be with a lion, who wouldn’t? If you don’t want to be with a real lion, then maybe she’s not the right type for you.

Such Blushes

Oh my, is she blushing like crazy over there? Well, you better hope so! For this might be the last chance for you to blow. Remember, these opportunities only come around once in a lifetime. You only got one shot, so don’t waste it my brother. This is your chance to take the implementation out to the open field, this is your time my friend. Such blushes are good for your confidence and self-esteem. Many presidents would be proud. To be honest I have no idea what I’m talking about. I don’t remember making this website. Why are you reading this? Do you have nothing else better to do? Why am i writing this? I know.

blushes are so cool. When I look at myself in the mirror, I often blush. I’m so cute. i know it. Such confidence I have, don’t you envy my mental prowess? I’m like a stupid girl who is mentally buff. Haha. Don’t worry though, you can get through the tough times. we’re at the point where we have to formulate the plot to success and not fail. Failure will never come our way as long as we work hard towards the girl we like, and then the world is ours my brother. There is so much you can do when you comes to succeeding in this game.

I can give you a lot more tips too. Abe Linsoln said it best

“I’ve failed 10000 times in congress. I’ve married 1000 women and they all died in a fire. I’ve given birth to 5000 children through my own butt. yet, I still survive because I believed.”

Don’t stop believing and you will reach a nirvana-like state of pure ecstasy. Oh yeah baby.

There are so many sources out there when it comes to getting what you want. Oh hurr durr. Do not buy bitcoins for your girl or else you’re the biggest nerd on the planet. Seriously, who are you? Don’t be a dimwit my friend. There is so much potential in you, and I can see it. Just don’t give up and control your mind for that is the most powerful tool you have. It contains riches beyond your wildest dreams, and don’t just sit there and wonder what it can do for you. Instead, ask yourself what you can do for it.

Are you afraid of approaching the girl that you love so much? Remember what JFK said

“Don’t fear. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” This is so true. There aren’t many things JFK said so wisely other than that when it came to getting girls. Remember, JFK was a true playa in this realm. Playa playa get playaaaa. this is so crucial to your success. Just remember Gettysburg when JFK recited those very true words at the sermon of the mount. He came up with the 10 commandments of joyous candy to the world and girls. Girls are so awesome. Seriously. They’re so dam beautiful and lovely and they are very good at licking your lollipops =)

Girls Love Writing

I love writing! If you’re a pro writer like me, you could possibly get tons of girls throwing themselves at your front doorstep. Wanna know how else to tell if a girl likes you? Well you should know this, there are signs she’ll give off. First, she may gossip like a teenage girl and let everyone else but you know that she likes you. Don’t worry, she only does this to torment you, no biggie. Remember, it’s survival of the fittest in this game, and you can’t let anyone else take her away from you. You are the man. She belongs to you. It’s 1900 and women are inferior to men. What are you gonna do about it? Cry like a dunce or man up like a man and take what’s rightfully your property? The latter of course. The former if you are a little female dog. How to tell if a girl likes you is so crucial to your rights. If you want to know, then here are some more thoughts on telling if a girl likes you.

Well, my hands are tired from typing so let me grab a few chocolates. I need to write 3 more of these… I mean, how else am I gonna put food on my table? I gotta do it somehow, someway. You ain’t gonna stop me. Here are some tips on telling if a girl likes you.

Guys may get jealous of you by the way when the see how insanely successful you are. Don’t let them get to you. Stay strong my friends. by the way, it’s 420 right now. oh no, it’s 421 pm. Booo! It’s Santa Claus. Merry Christmas and Get Girls! Tell If They Like You Or Not and you’ll be a boss like me. Final form baby.