Just give me a few minutes of your time, and I promise you, you will be able to tell if the girl you’re thinking of RIGHT NOW likes you or not… Believe me, once you find out, you will save yourself weeks or even months of heartache and headaches, and I would know because I’ve experienced this so many times that I’ve lost count, so I’m here to help you!

I wonder how silly you will feel when you discover how simple and shocking the 3 signs are for how to tell if a girl likes you… How would you feel when you find out she actually liked you all along? Let’s be real, it’ll brighten up your day, week, or maybe even your entire month!

Keep reading to find out the 3 signs.

University psychologists have discovered these 3 signs through rigorous testing, so if you see these signs, it’s GUARANTEED she likes you!

You can’t argue with hard data. These are the 3 signs that girls give off, but girls aren’t even aware of these signs themselves! If they are aware, they try everything they can to hide these signs. In fact, almost all guys see these signs, but they foolishly don’t even recognize them!

Keep reading to find out the 3 signs…

I’d wish you luck but you won’t be needing it since real men create their own luck, so instead I wish luck to the girl that she meets a man who will sweep her off her feet (you!).

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3 signs

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How To Tell If A Girl Likes You In A Day

Body Language

One of the first things you’ll want to look at is body language. What does her body say? This is the most revealing feature of her existence when it comes to revealing whether or not she likes you. If you’re sitting across from a girl and her legs are pointing towards you, then that means that she’s fond of you. That’s a good thing! If her legs are crossed or facing away from you, then tough luck buddy, but she doesn’t like you at all. Just kidding. That’s completely bullshit, and you hear myths like that a lot.

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The Truth

The truth is, you should NEVER look to her for signs of whether or not she likes you. It doesn’t matter what she says, or what her body is doing. It is utterly important to focus on your behavior first and foremost, and that is the way to get any girl to like you in the long run because if you focus on proper behavior, you will never have to worry what a girl is thinking ever again. It’s also foolish to look to external signs of the girl to try to read her; for example, maybe her legs are crossed not because she doesn’t like you, but because it’s more comfortable for her to have her legs in the crossed position.

Focus 100% entirely on your behavior and you’ll never have to worry again whether or not a girl likes you. Instead, you can ignore whatever signs she may be giving off or not, and focus entirely on living a pleasurable life that results from living like a real man that all women want to be with – and to be a real man, you have to be true to yourself, and confident in how you portray yourself, and charming in how you compliment a woman and make her feel good and focus on her rather than on yourself. Then again, you have to focus on yourself first because you come first!


How Many Signs Are There To Tell If She Likes you

Does She Like You

To be honest, we can never know. There are a few signs you can look at or you can straight up tell her that you like her and wait for her to tell you if she likes you or not. First off, wait. All good things come to those who wait. If you don’t wait, then you might come off way too strong. If you come off way too strong, you may scare her off. You don’t want to scare her off now, do you? No, of course not. Never scare off a girl. Girls are very attracted to guys who have huge balls of steel. Now get in there and really take her by the force and she’ll be all yours baby.

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There are tons of signs in this game, and they’re all great signs. One of the best things you could do for your girl is to make sure if she likes you or not. There are so many signs that could point to it. First, is she blushing? blushing is the result of much blood going up to her face and through her arms, maybe even through her legs. You need to make sure that the blush is legit though. So, you could go to the hospital and get a blood drive done on her. Take a few liters of blood out of her and test it to make sure it’s type A blood. Type B beta blood is no good because you’re an alpha lion who eats nails for breakfast and chugs it down with window washer fluid. After all, we all want to be with a lion, who wouldn’t? If you don’t want to be with a real lion, then maybe she’s not the right type for you.

Such Blushes

Oh my, is she blushing like crazy over there? Well, you better hope so! For this might be the last chance for you to blow. Remember, these opportunities only come around once in a lifetime. You only got one shot, so don’t waste it my brother. This is your chance to take the implementation out to the open field, this is your time my friend. Such blushes are good for your confidence and self-esteem. Many presidents would be proud. To be honest I have no idea what I’m talking about. I don’t remember making this website. Why are you reading this? Do you have nothing else better to do? Why am i writing this? I know.

blushes are so cool. When I look at myself in the mirror, I often blush. I’m so cute. i know it. Such confidence I have, don’t you envy my mental prowess? I’m like a stupid girl who is mentally buff. Haha. Don’t worry though, you can get through the tough times. we’re at the point where we have to formulate the plot to success and not fail. Failure will never come our way as long as we work hard towards the girl we like, and then the world is ours my brother. There is so much you can do when you comes to succeeding in this game.

I can give you a lot more tips too. Abe Linsoln said it best

“I’ve failed 10000 times in congress. I’ve married 1000 women and they all died in a fire. I’ve given birth to 5000 children through my own butt. yet, I still survive because I believed.”

Don’t stop believing and you will reach a nirvana-like state of pure ecstasy. Oh yeah baby.

There are so many sources out there when it comes to getting what you want. Oh hurr durr. Do not buy bitcoins for your girl or else you’re the biggest nerd on the planet. Seriously, who are you? Don’t be a dimwit my friend. There is so much potential in you, and I can see it. Just don’t give up and control your mind for that is the most powerful tool you have. It contains riches beyond your wildest dreams, and don’t just sit there and wonder what it can do for you. Instead, ask yourself what you can do for it.

Are you afraid of approaching the girl that you love so much? Remember what JFK said

“Don’t fear. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” This is so true. There aren’t many things JFK said so wisely other than that when it came to getting girls. Remember, JFK was a true playa in this realm. Playa playa get playaaaa. this is so crucial to your success. Just remember Gettysburg when JFK recited those very true words at the sermon of the mount. He came up with the 10 commandments of joyous candy to the world and girls. Girls are so awesome. Seriously. They’re so dam beautiful and lovely and they are very good at licking your lollipops =)

Girls Love Writing

I love writing! If you’re a pro writer like me, you could possibly get tons of girls throwing themselves at your front doorstep. Wanna know how else to tell if a girl likes you? Well you should know this, there are signs she’ll give off. First, she may gossip like a teenage girl and let everyone else but you know that she likes you. Don’t worry, she only does this to torment you, no biggie. Remember, it’s survival of the fittest in this game, and you can’t let anyone else take her away from you. You are the man. She belongs to you. It’s 1900 and women are inferior to men. What are you gonna do about it? Cry like a dunce or man up like a man and take what’s rightfully your property? The latter of course. The former if you are a little female dog. How to tell if a girl likes you is so crucial to your rights. If you want to know, then here are some more thoughts on telling if a girl likes you.

Well, my hands are tired from typing so let me grab a few chocolates. I need to write 3 more of these… I mean, how else am I gonna put food on my table? I gotta do it somehow, someway. You ain’t gonna stop me. Here are some tips on telling if a girl likes you.

Guys may get jealous of you by the way when the see how insanely successful you are. Don’t let them get to you. Stay strong my friends. by the way, it’s 420 right now. oh no, it’s 421 pm. Booo! It’s Santa Claus. Merry Christmas and Get Girls! Tell If They Like You Or Not and you’ll be a boss like me. Final form baby.

More Thoughts On Telling If A Girl Likes You

So… Does she like you or not?

So, you wanted to know more about this subject, eh? Well, we are so confident that you’ll learn how to tell if a girl likes you that we don’t even have to tell you! There’s something called believing. Just believe and you’ll understand. haha just kidding! Of course, there are certain signs. Tag along my internet reader, friend! Oh, and you could always look at signs for how to tell if a girl likes you.

Okay, first of all, who do you think is hotter. Jessica Bieber or Justin Alba? Haha, well, if you answered Bieber, then there are signs that girls may not like you. There are plenty of things you can do about that. Actually, there aren’t. There are only two steps. Step One, be attractive. Step Two, don’t be unattractive. This is a very simple method. Got it? Cool! Now, if you subconsciously chose Alba (Justin Alba, that is), then you, my friend, are a complete alpha male. Good job! Congratulations! You don’t even need to know how to tell if a girl likes you or not. Girls get so excited when they see you at first sight, drop to their knees, and eat dat lolli lolli=)

stock photo beauty romantic girl outdoors beautiful teenage model girl dressed in casual short dress on the 149970311 150x150 More Thoughts On Telling If A Girl Likes You

Okay, it’s serious talk time now! Wanna get more girls? First, you need to watch out for the signs! Now, trust your gut instinct. If your gut instinct tells you that the girl you want likes you, then you my friend, are right! If your gut tells you “nah dude she shows deep contempt for you bro,” then you my friend, are screwed =(. On the real though, don’t give up! There are ways to make her like you.

Be alpha bruh. Don’t be a beta charlie delta shemale. It is THAT easy! Just be confident, charming, and above all, have a large wienerschnitzel, because who doesn’t want to eat a lot at home, amirite Robby Fordy? Don’t forget the main source of telling whether girls like you.

Live the life that you’ve already dreamed of by faking it til you make it. It may take you many many years, but trust me, it’s worth the blood and sweat (tears? i never cry). Also, look for signs of nervous laughter and blushing. 100% certain that she likes you if she exposes herself, heh.

Obviously, it’s very easy to learn. First you have to go through a ton of rejection. It doesn’t even hurt my friend. More pains, more gains. Secondly, go for the girl you want! Who cares if a girl likes you if you don’t like her. Ignore her. Her loss! Or you can make yourself like her. Honestly, it’s up to you, not me. Think for yourself! Third and grand finally, congratulations! You’ve already won if you have made it this far. You’ll know what I mean in 3-5 years when it hits you right in front of your head. Minimum of 3 years, yes.


Want to learn how to tell if a girl likes you? Here are some tips…

The Tips

Women. They are some of the most frustrating creatures out there known to man when one does not understand them. Some of the greatest men in history were absolute masters at conquering their craft but fell embarrassingly short when it came to conquering women (aside from Casanova and Don Juan who specialized in just that). Do you have trouble understanding the complex creatures that women really are? If you want to instinctively learn this within seconds and have skills that far surpass that of the majority of guys, then continue reading. If not, that’s fine too. The choice is yours.

First off, there are several signs that you must pay attention to when figuring out whether or not a girl likes you. All forms of feminine behavior directed towards you are signs that a girl likes you, and these signs include – nervous laughter, blushing, stuttering (yes, cute girls get nervous and stutter in front of the guys they like – take this as a good sign!), going shy, and trying to sneak in a few eye-candy peaks at you.

Second, never question or ask the girl about these signs. After all, we’re here to learn how to tell if a girl likes you. It’s best to always assume that a girl is attracted to you so long as you act the way you always do ever since she liked you. Never change yourself after you find out a girl likes you. Also, if a girl likes you, but you ask her about certain signs she gave off, she’ll deny them completely and actually like you LESS because you portrayed yourself with uncertainty. Always appear certain, and she’ll continue to like you.

stock photo portrait of a beautiful girl with glasses 133811504 150x150 Want to learn how to tell if a girl likes you? Here are some tips...

You were probably raised to always chat with your guy friends about girls. If you want to get girls, stop doing this. The moment you find out a girl likes you through the signs she gives off and you start bragging to all your guy friends, your guy friends will get jealous and spread the word about you. Rumors will eventually reach the girl you were wondering if she liked you or not, and thus your reputation will be hurt in the process (though, never let a temporary setback in reputation ever stop you. the best reputations are the ones which tell the story of someone who has tripped, stumbled, and fell, but climbed their way to success – be it girls or money or school). And once the girl is aware of this, she will become insecure! The WORST thing a man can do for a girl is to make a girl insecure! This will drive her away.

To conclude, the signs are fairly easy when it  comes to trying to tell whether or not a girl likes you. Giggling, and all signs of vulnerability or femininity when a girl is in your presence reveals that said girl likes you. Always be yourself, never give up, and you will get the girl you want. Good luck! That concludes this article.